(Philippine Lemon)
(Philippine Orange)

Dalandan (Philippine Orange) is a type of citrus fruit.  Itís scientific name citrus auratium.  This fruit has been a product of the Bicol, Quezon and Mindoro regions.  It is a good source of Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is important for the formation of healthy bone and teeth, increased body resistance to infection.  Its typical tree is moderately vigorous, medium-large and productive.  The fruit is usually medium-sized and spherical to slightly obovate.  It tastes like mandarin with a sweeter taste profile and juicer than orange.

Good Sense Dalandan
Fruit Juice Concentrate

This concentrate, once diluted in one (1) part concentrate and (6) parts water makes 18 glasses (12 oz) of thirst-quenching and beneficial and valuable drink.  Its mild acid and bitter taste is favorable to digestion and blood circulation.




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