(Philippine Lemon)
(Philippine Orange)

Good Sense Lemonada Calamansi Juice
Concentrate with honey

Itís all natural, no preservative no artificial color and flavor and safe for all ages.  It is also filled with vitamin-C.  It is convenient to serve, it saves time to prepare all you need is add water and you can enjoy a refreshing and nutritious drink.  Blends well with your favorite hot tea and can be used to mix your own concoction. Mixture is 1 part concentrate and 7 parts water, each 750 ml bottle of concentrate can make 20- 22 12 oz glasses of juice drink.

Available in:
750 ml and 350 ml PET bottle
12 bottle / case (750 ml)
25 bottles / case (350 ml)

Free use of dispenser is provided for qualified clients


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