(Philippine Lemon)
(Philippine Orange)

In  1998  the company Mapagmahal  Distributors  was
established.  It was  engaged only  in  wholesaling and
distributing  other brand  of calamansi  juice concentrate
(Philippine lemon).   Later part  of the  same year  the owner,
Fernando Esguerra with  his vision to  market it  internationally
and elevate  it from the  backyard industry,  decided to  make and
market his own calamansi juice concentrate (Philippine lemon) and the brand ”LEMONADA” was born. He adheres to the principle not to give up the quality from the price. We use the best quality materials that we can find and thus, producing products of highest quality we can deliver.

January 2002 the company changed its name to “Mapagmahal Foods”. The purpose was to broader the scope of the business as manufacture, wholesale and retail of non-alcoholic beverages.

During the process of acquiring a certificate of product registration with the Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD) problem was encountered with the brand name “LEMONADA”. Since no one can claim it as brand name because it considered a generic name, the owner now decided to use the brand name “GOOD SENSE LEMONADA”.

Now Mapagmahal Foods holds BFAD License to Operate as Manufacturer/ Exporter, Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice and a Certification of Product Registration under the brand name of “GOOD SENSE”. And recently, received a certification from the Islamic Da’wah of the Philippines as Halal product.

Good Sense Juices has grown and widen its product line, Lemonada Calamansi Juice Fruit Concentrate (Philippine Lemon), Dalandan Juice Fruit Concentrate (Philippine Orange), Ready to Drink Calamansi, Dalandan and Lemonada Red Iced tea, and Pure Calamansi extract. These products are now well accepted and served in various commercial establishments such as supermarkets, school canteens, high rise building canteens, factories’ canteens in industrial parks, fast foods, restaurants and country clubs in and out of Metro Manila. Our products are also exported to other countries such as U.S.A, UK, Canada, and Hong Kong.

Our company is continuously growing, and with assistance of Department of Science and Technology we are improving our process and upgrading production equipments to meet the standard of the global market.

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