Barkadahan Food Fair or BFF started last 2010 consist of SME’s food manufacturers group together whose objective is to promote local food products in the US and if possible other places around the world. The participating companies want to raise awareness with veteran and first timer exporters that Philippine food products can compete globally. We believe that there should be a partnership with our distributors aboard with regards to marketing and raise effective distribution and competitive pricing. We believe that this is a perfect avenue for the new or want to be exporter and be exposed in the export market, because it is our advocacy that every year, we support new exporters by linking and connecting them with a distributor in the US, to learn and experience export markets. BFF is a private initiative with the assistance of government.

Series Year Date Companies Event
BFF 1 2010 Dec 12 - 19 13 Seafood City (Eagle Rock, CA)
Market Survey & Business Matching
BFF 2 2011 Nov 11 - 22 18 Seafood City (Eagle Rock, CA)
Market Survey & Business Matching
BFF 3 2013 Aug 7 - 18 17 Pistahan Pilipino,Yerba Buena Gardens, SFO
Seafood City (San Diego, CA) Market Survey Business Matching
BFF 4 2014 Aug 7 - 24 10 Pacific Island (Union City)
Market Survey
Pacific Super, (Westborough, CA)
Shun Phat, (Stockton, CA)
Country Square (Antioch, CA)